Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

  Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in orthopedics is still a young therapy method. It is possible to treat chronic pain caused by oveloading and accumulating of calcium clots on the sinew by using the extracorporeal shock wave therapy with a special machine, EVOTRON. The idea of shock wave therapy for orthopedic diseases is the stimulation of the healing processes in tendons, surrounding tissue and bones.

Main uses of Evotron :


·      chronic tendon diseases

       So-called tennis elbow

       Achilles tendinitis

       Patelar tendinitis

       Heel spur

·      accumulating of calcium clots

·      inflammations and calcifications of the shoulder

·      femoral head necrosis

  Advantages of ESWT are avoidance of surgery, safety and effectiveness. Compared to open surgery the costs of the ESWT are very reasonable. This method has been usually used after conservative methods haven`t produced improvement. Shock waves stimulate the healing process, lead to dissolution of calcium clots and better vascular supplies of the area. The result is the removal of pain. Most patients feel the improvement a few weeks after treatment. Of course, the possibility of movement will improve, too. Very often, one treatment is enough to get a good result and this is the object of shock wave therapy.


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