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  Life brings us different surprises. Accidents can happen anytime, during our activities at work, at home, in our freetime. We can`t solve all problems, but we can help you to ease the pain in your knee or other joints.

  The injury of the knee is one of the most frequent injuries and the problems are greater the older we are. There is a high number of injuries of this joint in the world, especially for atlethes. For example, 23 % of injuries of skiers are those injuries of the knee. Other sports like soccer, basketball, handball and ice-hockey are in the major cause of injuries, too. But, of course, we can also help all people, non-athletes, or older people with their joint pain.

  The best and most precise method of knee therapy is arthroscopy. One of the benefits of this method is the small invasiveness of the operation and it is not necessary to hospitalize the patient. About 90 % of patients are treated this way in the United States and about 70 – 80 % of patients in Germany.

  We were one of the first places in Slovakia using this method, especially because oft the benefits connected with it. Our hospital is a pleasant place, which you can see just after entrering the space. Our staff is highly motivated and provides the best work. Specialized surgeons shorten the operation time and this helps to avoid the risk of infection by using the most modern techniques and high-tech materials. By using this method of “One day surgery”, we also do other trauma and orthopaedic operations. During the three years of our existence we have done 1202 artroscopies. We performed 252 operations in the 1st year, 453 in the 2nd year and 497 in the 3rd year. The percentage of knee operations is 98,33 %, elbow operations 0,25 %, ankle operations 0,83 %, the area of the shoulder 0,75 %. We also perform more complicated operations, like ACL-arthroplasty (159 operations – 13,25 %), transplantation of the cartilage – 0,5 % but we are able to connect all of them in one arthroscopy, and sutura of meniscus 0,91 %.

  Part of our Surgery Center includes a plastic surgery and an orthopedic out-patient department for children and adults.

  One of the newest methods is extracorporeal shock wave therapy, a radical treatment without a scalpel. 

  A team of top specialists provides all these services, and they are ready to help the patients of the Surgery Center all week. Our clients don`t need to wait for a medical examination, but there is the possibility to make an appointment by phone.


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